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THIS year’s Maths Menai trip set off in the pouring rain with 33 able mathematicians from Year 9.

On arrival at the Conwy Centre, the pupils couldn’t wait to star the farming-based Fencing Problem– a GCSE Maths challenge.
The hypothetical farmer has 1000m of fencing and needs to use it to fence in the largest possible area. This puzzle kept the group busy trying various polygons (triangles, quadrilaterals,pentagons etc) until well after 9pm.
On Saturday, pupils wrote statisticalreports about a fictional school called Mayfield High.They were working at A/A*GCSE level. In the afternoon, the group had an outdoor session of problem solving and team building activities.
Finally on Sunday, pupils developed a rigorous mathematical proof, with the aid of spreadsheets,to solve the Fencing Problem.
Head of Maths Mrs Jones said: "The weekend was great fun and the pupils worked really hard. Thanks to Mrs Ayre, Mr Bridges, Mrs Piggin and Mr Perkins
but it was the pupils who really impressed with their high levels of understanding and quality of work they produced."

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