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Golden day for our girls

Olympic torch joy for Jessica and Sandy

´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐Weaverham High School pupils made history after being given the opportunity and privilege to carry the Olympic Torch.

Jessica Driver and Sandy McIver were both selceted from thousands of nominees to become torch bearers before the 30th Olympic Games took place in London. Jess, who was nominated by Learning Support Assistant Miss Chadwick, carried the torch proudly through the rural Welsh vllage of Rhostyllen and was supported by 80 fellow pupils and staff. The previous day, Sandy had carried the Olympic torch past the clock tower through Chester city centre. It was then delivered to the Racecourse where more Weaverham High School pupils had their moment in the spotlight when they performed in the dance spectacular 'The moment when....' to celebrate the arrival of the flame and the start of the Olympics.

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