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Primary school pupils are leading the way

Leading the way, 13 Key Stage 2 pupils from Whitley Village and Little Leigh were trained to become young leaders.

Whitley Village Primary School and Little Leigh Primary School joined forces to provide 13 pupils for some leadership training. The training sessions were designed to give the primary school pupils the skills and confidence to go back to their own school and deliver fun physical activity sessions for pupils in Key Stage 1 during lunchtimes. The training sessions took part over two Monday afternoons with the pupils taking part in a mxiture of activities which promoted their communication, organisation and safety skills. The pupils showed fantastic enthusiasm and positivity, taking part in every activity with vigour. The pupils showed great leadership potential as they taught a small group of Key Stage 1 pupils a variety of simple yet fun activities. It was a great way for the young leaders to practise their skills in a safe and controlled enviroment.

Paul Finney the leadership tutor was delighted with the effort and application the pupils showed over the two training sessions.He commented "there is potential in each and everyone of the pupils who took part in the training. I have every confidence that they will deliver fun and varied sessions for the lower schools pupils and at the same time further develop their own leadership skills. They are starting on a long journey but have a great place to start in the safety of their own school"   

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